Our Instructors Teach Passion, Courage and Confidence Through Martial Arts

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Edge Martial Arts’ success is driven by the passion, dedication, knowledge and experience of our world-class instructors that work together with you through your entire martial arts journey. 

Instructors offer individual and dedicated instruction to help each students reach their own specific goals be that outside activity, social skills, self-defence, fitness, weight-loss and more.

Every instructor at our school is:

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  • Fully qualified and experienced with recognised health and safety certification
  • Committed to developing self-defence and self-development skills in their students
  • Passionate about educating children to get the best out of them throughout their martial arts journey

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Shihan Amy Gardam is the Chief Instructor here at Edge and began her training at just four years of age. Sensei is now a 4th Dan in mixed martial arts styles under the guidance of our founder and her father Kyoshi Andrew.

A highly accomplished martial artist, Shihan has been teaching for over 17 years and has strong beliefs in the philosophy of martial arts and is very dedicated to the growth and well being of her students. Shihan prides herself on knowing her students are well educated, prepared and confident to deal with whatever life has to throw at them.

Shihan Amy works very closely with her team and has created world class instructors. Respect is mandatory in martial arts and we encourage each other to be the best we can be in the dojo and in life.

Shihan has completed certificates III and IV in Fitness and has a diploma in sport coaching and development martial arts specific and has completed her martial arts preschoolers development course specialising in physical and social development.

Shihan Amy specialises in women’s self defence and confidence building, weaponry and helping youth programs in the community. Shihan encourages families to further their knowledge in martial arts and to see that it’s more than a tool in self-defence but an education in life.

Sensei Rhys Marshall

Sensei Rhys Marshall has been with Edge Martial Arts for over 12 years and achieved his 3rd Dan in 2016.

He began teaching after seeing the positive changes it made to his life and is now the Head Instructor at Edge Martial Arts and of our weaponry programs. Sensei Rhys has achieved his belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has attended many seminars with Shihan Amy over the years with amazing martial artists.

Sensei Rhys offers energy and enthusiasm to his students and promotes martial arts in the community. Sensei Rhys works within local schools and youth development groups to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn from Edge and achieve greatness.


In Memory of…

Kyoshi Andrew Roberts

Kyoshi Andrew Roberts

Our Founder, Our Mentor, Our Inspiration

Edge was founded in 1988 by Kyoshi Andrew Roberts. Kyoshi started martial arts training when he was only 8 years old at the local Judo Hall.

His vision was of a martial arts school where every member would benefit from the many physical and life skills only martial arts could give.

Kyoshi brought martial arts awareness to the community via demonstrations and self-defence seminars. Kyoshi worked very closely with schools to educate students about martial arts, health, fitness and personal safety awareness. Over the 30 years Kyoshi taught martial arts, he received many awards for his amazing ability to teach and bring people’s passion and enthusiasm for martial arts together. These awards include the Leader business awards fitness and wellbeing category, The Mt. Evelyn Youth Development award and the Shire of Yarra Ranges Australia Day Certificate of Recognition award.

Kyoshi’s passion and legacy live on through his dojo, his students, his instructors and his daughter Shihan Amy Gardam, now chief instructor of all Edge Martial Arts Schools.

His incredible spirit will forever be in our dojos and in our hearts.

Kyoshi Andrew Roberts and his team 2



SCOTT  //  Dad of young twins

the kids have been students here for close to 18 months and I love it...

As parents of young twins, we were looking for an avenue for them to have a bit of fun and a release of energy. So we thought the kinder ninja program in Edge would be ideal. When the kids first started, they were both a little reserved, as it was new to them. But the Sensei’s and Sempai’s are excellent and making them feel welcome and encouraging them to participate. Now the kids have been students here for close to 18 months and I love it. They attend classes weekly and grade at the end of each term. We’ve seen them grow and develop their martial art skill, while at the same time developing skills for school, reading and listening, following instructions and group integration. Most importantly, they're having fun and we are so pleased that Angus and Emily are part of the Edge Martial Arts team.

SCOTT  //  Dad of young twins

TANEISHA  //  Student

everyone was supporting my decision to continue going and continue fighting...

The reason i joined Edge was because I was invited by one of my friends and I really enjoyed it. I just love the adrenaline it gives me, I mean, we’re such a good community. I feel like they’re my second family, like everyone there. I'm a lot more disciplined now, I have a lot more leadership skills also. I've also pushed my limits a lot more since I've joined. I did my black belt grading with a hurt ankle and I felt like the only reason I achieved doing that was because everyone was supporting my decision to continue going and continue fighting. I feel like I’m a much more of a team player and I also chase after this girl at a tournament, because i didn’t get to shake her hand and I felt like, if I hadn’t have joined Edge, I wouldn’t have done that. So the reason I love Edge so much.

TANEISHA  //  Student

TYSON  //  Student

I've become more disciplined and more in control of my emotions...

My name is Tyson and I've been with Edge for around ten months now. Through this time, I've become close with many of our instructors, they’ve taught me so much in the short time I’ve been there, I am so thankful for it. Obviously, I’ve learned a lot of self defense techniques and Edge has led me to become quicker. Aside from the physical benefits of Edge’s Martial Arts program, I’ve learned a lot mentally. I've become more disciplined and more in control of my emotions and I have the Edge community to thank for this. We are always pushed to do our best, I couldn’t ask for a better community.

TYSON  //  Student

REGINA  //  Mother of two

For me, it’s the safety...

My name is Regina and I’m just here to give a recommendation for Edge Martial Arts. My children started quite a few years ago and have gone through the belts, as you would call it. Tanzyn is now about to go for her black belt and Rali is in two weeks time, just about to go for his green. The reason we put our kids into martial arts is, as you know, there is certainly a need for it now with society, so we couldn’t think of a better place for our children to come and it's helped with Rali’s coordination, it’s helped with Tanzyn’s confidence. I enjoyed it so much watching them, that I myself now am a student here and am about to go for my brown belt. For me, it’s the safety. I work in an industry where I meet new people all the time and it’s the confidence that, if anything should happen, I have the skillset from shihan and kyoshi to hopefully avoid the situations in the first place. I cannot recommend this company highly enough and look forward to seeing you down here.

REGINA  //  Mother of two

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